Thursday, June 19, 2008

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Devil afreet - The dead person's soul - Prodigy Devil afreet. The dead person's soul. Prodigy.

The kanji which united "ム" which shows the sound of an alike meaning with the form of those who were wearing the field and have squatted down.
Since it covered, and it is alive, and the field which attached the long hair modeled on the dead person a long time ago was made and was deified, it came to be used for the meaning of "the dead person's soul."

Even if it says to a oni and a word, there is a demon of many forms.
It is various from the thing of a fancy to people's technology.
The monster of the fancy said also to Japan as a oni exists.
The monster has oppressed the weak by Marvelous power.
Occasionally people are referred to as having made it food by overwhelming power.
However, people yearn after a thing called overwhelming power.
Do you fear such a demon? Or ...

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