Thursday, July 12, 2007


SummerThe Kanji describing the form where people are attaching and dancing the mask.
Behind, it came to be used for the meaning of seasonal "summer".

It is a season which can do much recollections in summer.
It goes to go to the sea, or to wear a yukata and to see fireworks.
There are ways which are unenthusiastically.
It is also this season that the sound of a windchime can be heard at many places.
Chirping of an insect and the sound of a fuurin(windchime) match well and this is good at the second.
Only a few becomes a cool feeling although it must be hot.

In summer, it is three sets of a yukata, a fuurin(windchime), and fireworks(hanabi) individually.
This is my summer festival.

How about trying you these three sets once?

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