Sunday, June 17, 2007

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Master - Extreme - UltimateThe Kanji with which this character united with the "Kihen (木)" "kyoku (right side of 極)" which shows the sound of the meaning of the highest place.
The "ridgepole" which is a tree in the highest place at home is expressed.
Behind, it came to be used for the meaning of the highest place "it reaches to an extreme" and the "ultimate".

Reaching to an extreme of something is tackling one with might and main, applying one's life.
The fresh ground which arrives at last exceeding repeatedly its limit.
That is "極".
Even if it reaches to an extreme of something for some men, it tries to aim at an it top further.
It is that it must already have reached to an extreme of something.
If it thinks to the appearance, doesn't it mean having reached to an extreme of nothing then?
If it meets, people may be unable to reach to an extreme of anything throughout life.

What kind of thing is saying that it reaches to an extreme?
Explain it by your hand.

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