Tuesday, February 17, 2009



The kanji which united "寸" showing a hand, "木" showing a tree, and "center parts of 樹" that shows the sound of the meaning to plant.
The meaning "plants" grass and a tree by hand is expressed.
It came to be used also for the meaning of "the tree which stands" from there.

Warmth and tenderness can be felt if the tree is touched.
That is because there is a life also in a tree.
A tree as well as people is useful, and it dies.
Although a form differs from a shape, it is the same life object.

The tree has sent and employed breath in many lives efficiently, as long as it is a life.
Human only carries out destroying many things and breaking a life.
There are not a noxious insect and a change in any way as this.
Although it must be the same life object...

Listen to the beat of tree.
Although it may not be in mind usually.
Feel the beat of tree.
Then, human may also be able to remember tenderness and warmth.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009



An old Kanji is "變".
The character which united "the portion under 變" showing the meaning to strike, and "the portion on 變" which shows the sound of the meaning which makes it the reverse side and becomes another thing.
Since it strikes and turns and changes into another thing, the meaning "changing" is expressed.
Now, the economy of a world is a depression which ranks second dully.
The vigor is unlikely to stop.
Most politicians continue the politics which oppresses the weak who are not different from the former.
For people, it is not and covers that it is inconvenient for its own profits.
The impossible thing has happened.

Now, we have to change it.
The first President as a black man was born in the United States of America.
If it is him ...
Expectation swells.
But I think now that we and every citizen have to change more than it.
Because, the body into which even the President cannot change all alone ...
It is sad, when being betrayed by carrying out as it is expected. orz
Now, you may change a world truly ...
It is a time of your becoming a true hero ...

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