Tuesday, June 24, 2008



The kanji which united "The portion on 舞" which shows the sound of the meaning which changes and dances a sleeve with the form "The portion under 舞" which carried out direction of both legs reversely.
It dances, while people come to a standstill by changing the sleeve of a kimono.
That is, the meaning "to dance" is expressed.

Whatever the thing to dance, it is beautiful.
Snow, rain and leaves, and a petal.
People's mind is charmed in an instant.
I think that is because the things itself of dancing are momentary occurrences.
That is, since life is also an instant, it may be a beautiful thing.

How about living so that you may also dance life more beautifully?
Show the highest dance.

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LokiDog said...

Thank you for sharing insight.

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