Monday, January 14, 2008


Sadness - Melancholy Sadness. Melancholy.

The Kanji which united "衣" which shows "口" of the meaning which utters voice, and the sound of the voice to utter.
Since "AIAI", and the voice that seems to be sad are uttered, "sadness" and "melancholy" are expressed.

Sadness weakens people.
It becomes impossible for a hand to attach anything.
It is people's weakness.

But sadness becomes a cause which strengthens people.
If it is overcome and cuts fine to the heart, it can become gentler than whom.
Anyone thinks that he has sadness in the back side of tenderness and strength.

It can be overcome if you also have now strong sadness.
Then, rather than whom, it must be strong and should be able to become tender.

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